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Products Solar Panel Mounts & Solar Trackers    

If you own solar panels, you'll need the proper mounts to ensure their stability and to protect your investment. We understand the diverse needs of its customers which is why we offer a range of solar power mounts and solar trackers to help you make the most of your solar power panels. We offer roof mounts, ground mounts and specialty mounts for your RV solar panels. You'll also find solar panel hardware that fits the top or side of a pole and we offer solar trackers to help you gather the maximum amount of power from the sun throughout the whole day. Contact us to find out which solar panel mounting option or sun solar tracker is right for you.

Flush Roof Mount

Ground/roof mounts, as the name implies, are solar panel mounts that can be used either on a roof or on the ground. They have supporting, adjustable legs which allow you to optimize their vertical orientation for solar exposure.

Side of Pole Top of Pole  

Active trackers

Active trackers use motors and gear trains to direct the tracker as commanded by a controller responding to the solar direction. The WATSUN AZ-125 Gear Drive , azimuth tracker automatically tracks the sun by rotating the PV array about the pipe mast. Then it tilts for elevation position. The Dual-Axis Option enables it to capture virtually all the power the sun delivers.

Compared to passive, tilt and roll trackers, azimuth trackers provide greater stability for large arrays. The corners do not protrude down towards the ground or stick up in the air to catch the wind. The bottom edge of the array always remains parallel to the ground and requires less ground clearance than tilt & roll designs

The standard Azimuth Trackers provide nearly 270 degrees of rotational movement and can tilt to 75 degrees. Custom trackers can be ordered to track up to a full 360 degrees.

Passive Trackers

Passive trackers use a low boiling point compressed gas fluid that is driven to one side or the other (by solar heat creating gas pressure) to cause the tracker to move in response to an imbalance.

Brand Names of Solar Trackers & Solar Panel Mounts We Provide
* More brands are available upon request.
Fronous   xantrex   SMA        
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