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 * means required information.
Contact Information

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Address where the system will be installed:*
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System Information

1. The solar system will be grid-tied
(solar electric systems that are connected to grid and capable of feeding power to the grid (or utility company).
• Utility Provider :
• What is your average monthly electric usage (kwh/month) from your monthly electric bill?
• What percentage of your monthly electric usage would you like to offset?
• Batteries needed? YES NO (Usually batteries are not needed)
2. The solar system will be off-grid
( A stand-alone system not connected to a utility grid that utilizes batteries to store electricity. )
• How much battery backup will be needed? (hours of operation )
• Please fill in the boxes of the Household Appliances Table (Click here) for us to determine your electricity consumption.
3. Mounting ? GROUND ROOF
4. If mounting on roof, how many square feet can you allocate to your project? (the roof dimension)
5. What is the roofing material on the structure?
6. Orientation of the roof?
7. Pitch of the roof
8. Existing shading (like large tree, etc.) ? YES NO

Additional Information

9. Desired project completion time frame?
10. Is the sky clear between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm during the time of the year that the system will be operating?
11. Does the potential exist for future shading problem? YES NO
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