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Why Solar

The sun bathes the earth in an incredible amount of energy - in a day, enough arrives to power the whole world for several years. Humanity can now effectively harness the power of the sun. Solar is a clean, pollution-free energy source. Everyone benefits when we use this clean energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels. By using solar, which is a renewable resource, we protect the environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Imagine owning your own utility company - free from price increases, shortages, and taxes. Imagine true energy independence! You can make it real when you harvest the energy falling on your property and put it to work for you. Solar appliances are unique in that the more energy you use, the more money you save. And as the cost of energy increases, so do your savings. Why rent your energy when you can own it!

If you want to help clean up the environment, solar energy allows you to dramatically cut down on the fossil fuels you burn every day. Let's work together to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment for ourselves and for future generations, use solar energy today!
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