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Products Solar Power Universal Portable Charging Box

Solar Power Universal Portable Charging Box provides power supply where grid power cannot be reached. Whether you are camping, doing outdoor activities, doing construction work, or living in remote areas, Solar Power Universal Portable Charging Box can provide instant power supply to your electronic devices or appliances. It can also provide emergency power supply when the grid power temporary fails.


With option pull-up handles and roller wheels, it is easy and convenient to carry. Solar Power Universal Portable Charging Box can be used for most common appliances like TV, radio, CD/DVD player, desktop computers, laptops, fans, lights, coffee pot, etc.


  1. Solar Module Type: Mono or poly crystalline
  2. Optional Input: Charged by direct sunlight (DC) or grid (AC)
  3. Optional Output:
    AC pure sine wave 150W~1500W
    100-120V or 200-240V, 50Hz or 60 Hz
    DC 3/4.5/6/7.5/9/12 volts (adjustable to fit different devices)
  4. DC Output: Include connectors for charging small electronic devices
  5. Charge Controller: 12V, 15A
  6. Safety Protections: Overload protection, over heating protection, battery low voltage disconnect and high voltage disconnect.
  7. Box: Aluminum alloy box with option pull up handle and roller wheels


For Home
 20W / 40W more
For Outdoor Activities
 40W / 60W more
For Construction
 40W / 60W / 80W more

*Other specifications are available upon custom request
*Specifications are subject to change without notice

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